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Compliance solutions for your accountancy practice


Small and medium-sized accountancy practices inevitably find it more difficult to manage their limited resources than larger firms. Their focus – quite rightly – is on their clients. Principals in smaller firms tend to enjoy a close relationship with their clients, but it is easy to lose sight of (or turn a blind eye to) the requirements with which the practice, as a whole, must comply. These often include obligations relating to:

  • anti-money laundering compliance,

  • data privacy and protection,

  • legislation (particularly where the practice employs staff),

  • building and maintaining an ethical culture, and

  • meeting other regulatory requirements of a professional body.

If these are areas that concern you, they probably interfere with your ‘down time’, and perhaps even your client focus at times. Compliance for Accountants exists to help alleviate your concerns – providing solutions to your practice compliance problems, and enabling you to concentrate on meeting your clients' needs and expectations. Increased confidence in your compliance procedures leads to improvements in your work-life balance, and enables you to better plan how the practice will develop and grow, along with its clients.

The services we offer cover a wide range of compliance areas, and we have produced a comprehensive compliance checklist, to help you identify and prioritise the areas for improvement in your practice. If you would like to know more about how Compliance for Accountants can help you, please get in touch.

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