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Finding direction, achieving your goals

Most accountants in practice enjoy networking with likeminded professionals and will also have a network of friends and colleagues to ‘bounce ideas off’ and who are willing to listen to their concerns. Those sorts of interactions often result in the giving and receiving of advice. Well-meaning as that might be, such advice is usually best suited to the person giving it, rather than receiving it.


So those sorts of conversations alone are not sufficient to enable any of us to achieve all that we are capable of. In fact, many of us do not know what we are capable of and so we cannot easily identify what we might aim to achieve. You might find yourself wondering where your practice is heading or even where you would like your practice to be heading. (The same may be true in other areas of your life - personal and professional.)


So what exactly do we mean by ‘coaching’? Coaching is simply a form of development in which one person – the coach - supports another – the coachee - in achieving a specific goal. The coach helps the coachee to clarify their goal and why it is important to them before exploring different ways of moving towards achieving the goal. It is rarely necessary for the coach to have more knowledge or experience than the coachee in the area being explored, and so it differs from pure consultancy or mentoring, which tends to focus on more general goals or overall development.


At Compliance for Accountants, we can provide the time and confidential space in which to support your wants and needs.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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