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Facing disciplinary action?

Know what to expect

Supportive Friend

At Compliance for Accountants, we recognise that the bye-laws and regulations of a professional body can be overwhelming. Often, when we find a certain problem overwhelming, we turn to address a lesser problem instead. For an accountant in practice, that will usually be the affairs of a demanding client – something within our comfort zone. But putting off an important regulatory matter will inevitably mean that it becomes urgent as well as important. So who can you turn to?


At Compliance for Accountants, we have a good understanding (and significant experience) of the regulatory and disciplinary frameworks of the professional bodies. If you find yourself facing (or potentially facing) regulatory or disciplinary action, we will be able to explain to you the allegations being made and how best to address them.


It is never a good strategy to ignore the communications of your professional body. We can help you to communicate effectively, identify any areas in which you may have fallen short, and consider any mitigating circumstances of which the professional body should be made aware. In the unfortunate event that a matter reaches a hearing, we can support you through the process and provide representation should that feel appropriate. It can be reassuring to know that you have someone by your side.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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